Saturday, 21 January 2017

5 Important Golf Tips For Beginners

Practice is the key to being good at almost everything, but sometimes you also need an expert guidance to improve your performance. For being a good Golf player, there are many things you need to focus on while you sharpen your skills.

Here are some of the tips, Achal Ghai an avid golfer and the winner of many International Golf Tournaments has to offer to the tenderfoots in the golfing arena:
  1. Concentrate only on the ball and not on the people who are around you and looking at you anxiously, this will digress your focus. Just imagine what needs to be done and how you should hit the ball and nothing else.
  2. The ball should come in contact with the club just as it begins to ascend and your left feet should be placed according to it. Balance is the key, you should be in a well-balanced position when you hit the ball.
  3. Know the power with which you hit a ball with the help of various clubs. You need to practice and have a rough assumption of this. Choose a club according to that.
  4. Focus on the area you want the ball to go and don’t think about where it should not. If you do this, you will either hit it in the wrong area or will hit too far from it, either is disadvantageous.
  5. Imagine the course of the ball and hit it on a safe ground, don’t try to take a direct short, or skip more than one shoot. 

Keep these tips in mind when you play golf and practice hard, it takes some time to garner skills in every game, remember that.

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